What is Lost Pets Louisiana?

This website is a free resource aimed at reuniting lost and found pets with their families. Originally created to help owners find their pets after the 2016 flood, the database has grown into a collection of lost and found pets from around the state. 

While many shelters and animal welfare organizations have web galleries or Facebook pages, very few of them are state-wide, they rarely allow tags/category search (thus forcing users to scroll through endless photos of pets), and many of them require account creation in order to submit a lost or found pet.

We hope to bring as many lost pets home as we possibly can, and to do that, we need your help. Share our website with your friends via text message and social media, check back for updates, follow our Facebook page. If you really want to go the extra mile, shoot us a message about volunteering; we’re an all-volunteer team, and extra help in moderating posts is always appreciated.

If you have FOUND a pet:

— Search the existing submissions for “Lost” pets HERE, which are pets submitted by owners who have lost them. If you recognize the pet you’ve found, click the photo for that pet and then fill out the form underneath to give us your details. We will put you in contact with the pet’s owner.

— If you have found a pet that is not already listed as “Lost” in the “Lost Pets” gallery, submit the found pet HERE. Please be sure to include all relevant information in the fields, such as the short description, location where it was found, species, breed (if known), sex, and zip code. Your personal information (email address and name) will not be displayed with the post, and we will contact you if someone claims a pet you have found.

If you have LOST a pet:

— First, search through the gallery for “Found” pets HERE. See if your pet has already been found and submitted. If you find it, click the photo and use the contact form below the pet’s post to claim it. Be sure to include your contact information, and we will put you in touch with the person or organization housing your pet.

— If you don’t see your lost pet in the “Found” gallery, don’t give up! Submit a “Lost Pet” post HERE, include photos of your missing pet if you have them, and your pet will be included with the others who are reported as lost. This will allow people who have found pets to see if the pet is already reported as lost. If someone fills out the form below your lost pet’s post saying they’ve found it, we will connect you with that person.

General Tips:

A. Use tags when submitting posts for lost or found pets. Tags are separated by commas. For example: lost, dog, black, retriever, male, neutered, 70810

This will allow others to search for pets based on tag. Note: Do not combine entire strings of words as a single tag, such as, “lost male retriever in baton rouge.” Each piece of information (each tag) should be separated by a comma, unless the two words are part of one piece of information about the pet (such as, “Baton Rouge, lost dog, male dog,” etc.). Please do not list your name or phone number as a tag, as this information will be removed from the public list by moderators for your own privacy. 

B. Be sure to properly categorize your submission. If you lost your dog when being rescued or finding a shelter, for instance, be sure to select “Lost Dogs” when submitting your post. This will add your submission to the group of dogs reported as being lost.

If you’ve found a pet that belongs to someone else, be sure to select “Found Dogs” (etc.) when submitting your post. This will add it to the gallery of “Found” pets.

C. Use site-wide search on the right menu bar (desktop site only), as well as the categories offered (to narrow your search).

Get Involved and Volunteer:

If you want to get involved and help with our effort to reconnect pets with their families, visit our How Can I Help? page to get volunteer information.

This site was made possible thanks to Attahost, a Louisiana web hosting company that has donated the hosting for this site, and Duet, a creative services firm that helped build this site.